Purly Points

When you sign up for a customer account with us, you are automatically enrolled in our Purly Points Program at The Purple Purl. Not only will we be able to keep track of your purchases (in case you forget what needles you bought last time, or which yarn you picked up 3 months ago) you will also collect points on all your fibre related purchases to redeem for credit at our "purl" of a shop!  You will receive an email from us and through the awesome people at Perkville with an invite to join the program and to claim your Purly Points

Each time you make a purchase with us, you will get an update on how many points you earned so you can see how close you are to earning your Purly perks! 

Here is how the points work: 

250 points = $10 off 
500 points = $30 off ( that’s an extra $5.00 )

You will receive 10 FREE points just for confirming your invite to join our Purly Points Program! 


Currently,  Purly Points can only be redeemed in-store, but we are working on an online integration, it will just take a while longer.  
If you have enough points to redeem and would like to make a purchase from a distance, just give us a call at 416-463-1162 and we will happily sort it out for you!


Fine Print:

Points may be redeemed on regularly priced merchandise only. Sorry, we do not permit the redeeming of points on top of sale prices! 

Purly Points Members must pay all applicable taxes on the full purchase price prior to the application of the discount reward. So that means when you redeem your points the pre-tax purchase amount must be equal to or greater than redemption amount.

*Purly Points are awarded based on net (purchase price less discounts) pre-tax purchases. And Purly Points are not awarded on cafe items, gift certificates, delivery/shipping charges, account payments or charitable donations.

Purly Points will be cleared from customer accounts that are inactive for 25 consecutive months. We reserve the right to change, cancel or discontinue the terms of this program at any time. 

Thanks ever so much for your continued support of our Purl of a Shop!

Happy Stitching!