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Students must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for classes... we keep our classes fairly small and they tend to fill quickly! We ask that class project materials be purchased at The Purple Purl. Check out all our Class Policies and Student Discount details here.


Beginner Knitting



Learn To Knit -- 101: The Basics

Wednesdays, Jan 4 & 11; 7:00-9:00pm FULL
Saturdays, Jan 7 & 14; 12:30-2:30pm FULL
Thursdays, Feb 2 & 9; 7:00-9:00pm
Saturdays, Feb 25 & March 4; 12:30-2:30pm

This class is for the Complete and Utter Beginners! In this two session class (4 hours total) learn the knitting basics of how to cast on, knit, purl, cast off and, of course, how to decode those patterns. Never be afraid of your needles will learn to make them do what you want them to!

Skills required: None at all!





Cost - $69.00 *** Just bring yourself... yarn and needles are included!

Instructor: Robbie



Learn To Knit -- 102 : Taking Shape

Wednesdays, Jan 18 & 25; 7:00-9:00pm FULL
Thursdays, Feb 16 & 23; 7:00-9:00pm

Attention Beginners Plus! Now that you are knitting and purling are you looking for something more adventurous... but not toooo adventurous? This class a great next step to Learn to Knit 101. Join us for a confidence building, what to do next class! In this two session class (4 hours total): step your knitting up to the next level with increasing and decreasing, and putting stitches together. Get a more in depth understanding of your stitches, decoding the patterns and how to move forward with the projects you aspire to.

Skills required: 101 Level skills needed: You are comfortable creating the knit stitch, the purl stitch and can cast on and bind off.

Cost:  $59.00

Instructor: Robbie

Please bring or buy : worsted weight, smooth yarn in a light colour & 4.5mm needles




Project 911

Ongoing Help Clinics

Friday Mornings : 9:30-11:30am with Jenn
Saturday Mornings : 9:30-11:30am with Robbie

Get help with your Knitting and Crochet Questions

Tackle a new project with guidance!

Got some questions? Don't need a private class, but need more than a 5 minute quick peek, these sessions are for you too.  We can help you with a particular tricky stitch, instructions or need a quick demo of sewing up or such ...   These help sessions are meant to help you along with your project as issues arise.


Whether you are tackling your first sweater, or are an experienced stitcher tackling a challenge, this class is a fun way to grow your skills! You will get to see what others are asking and probably learn a thing or two from their questions as well. We'll help you with yarn choices, and teach you all the skills you need to create it, from understanding the instructions and checking your gauge, to starting, finishing and putting it together.


The Fine Print :

  • Pre-registration is required for each of these sessions so we can ensure everyone can get personalized attention

  • We need a minimum of 3 students to run a session so give us a call to register a couple days in advance

  • This class is suitable for all levels but please note that this is not a Learn to Knit/Crochet 101 class.  It is assumed you know at least the very basics. 


Cost - $25.00 per 2 hour class
$15 per one hour
- available for the second hour only 10:30-11:30am

Reserve your space!

Class size is limited to make sure people get enough attention.


Project Class students receive a
10% discount for Class Project Yarn Purchases

...during class


Knit a Hat in the Round
-- Wield your DPNs!

Saturday, January 7; 3:00-5:00pm

Hats? Mitts? Socks? Anyone? This class a great next step to Learn to Knit 102. In this 2 hours class we'll take the mystery out of knitting on double pointed needles and introduce you to the various ways of knitting in the round!

Get ready for tips and tricks for gaining control over what looks like unwieldy pointy sticks and look forward to a whole new adventure in knitting!

Skills required: 102 Level skills needed: You are comfortable creating the knit stitch, the purl stitch, work basic increases and decreases, and can cast on and bind off.


Cost:  $49.00*** includes DPNs and in-class materials for mini hat

Instructor: Robbie

Please bring or buy : 100g of a worsted weight yarn... Cascade 220, Spud & Chloe Sweater, Sweetgeorgia Worsted, Noro Kureyon



A super useful skill set!


Fixing Knitting Mistakes

aka WTF?!

Saturday, February 4: 12:30-2:30pm

Oh no! Something€™s wrong with your knitting? What€™s the fault?! This 2 hour session will teach you how to spot and fix mistakes in your knitting, whether you€™re a beginner or a seasoned knitter.

We will share tips for picking up dropped stitches, safely ripping out stitches and rows, for fixing mistakes without ripping it all out, and for deciding when you don€™t need to bother fixing at all.

Students are encouraged to bring their "mistakes" with!


Cost:  $39.00

Instructor: Robbie

Please bring your needles, a crochet hook (3mm is a good size to have on hand) and any questions and mishaps you might like advice on



Expand your skills



Knit Faster... Continental Knitting

Sunday, January 8; 10:30am-12:30pm

Continental knitting is arguably a faster method of knitting as it minimizes the number of motions in creating a stitch. It is also a handy skill to be comfortable with in order to make colour work stranded / Fair Isle knitting a bit speedier with a more even tension.  But maybe even more exciting is to give your hands a bit of a different motion to help ward off repetitive strain.  We will look at the differences between picking and throwing your yarn, and how to maneuver the yarn overs and increases and decreases.

Skills required: you must already know how to knit for this class ... this class will focus on teaching you a new style or two to get you stitching faster but assumes you already can successfully work the basic stitches

--Please bring or buy a worsted weight yarn and 4.50mm needles.


Cost - $39.00
Instructor: Kate Atherley



Your First Lace Shawl

Sunday, January 8; 1:30-4:30pm

Are you a newer knitter ready for a challenge? Are you looking to learn a new skill? Lace is the most beautiful work a knitter can produce.

Start your lace knitting adventures with a triangular shawl in a traditional Shetland lace pattern. We`ll teach you the basics of lace knitting - including working from charts and written instructions, and get you working on your first shawl. We’ll also talk about how to identify, fix and prevent mistakes, and provide tips for making lace easier and more fun.

Skills required:  This class is suitable for students with Learn to Knit 102 level must be comfortable with: Knit & Purl, Cast On & Off, Increase & decrease

Materials needed for your first shawl project :

  • DK weight option: 200g of DK weight yarn, 4.50mm 24" circular needles
    We recommend: Julie Asselin Leizu DK, Sweetgeorgia Superwash DK, Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK
  • Sock/Fingering weight option : 150 -200g of Sock Yarn, 4.00mm 24" circular needles. We recommend: SweetgeorgiaTough Love Sock, Baa Ram Ewe Titus, Manos Alegria

We request class project materials be purchased at The Purple Purl.

Cost - $49.00
Instructor: Kate Atherley

Please bring or buy:

  • 4.5mm straight or 24" circular needles.



Knittin' Mittens

Saturday, January 14; 3:00-5:00pm

Learn how to make mittens on double-pointed needles in this 2 hour class. From cuffs, to creating the thumb, to finishing the top. Mittens are a great project that knit up nice and quick and are perfect for the coming frosty weather!

Circular knitting skills needed:  You have at least 102 level skills and can successfully knit in the round with DPNs.


Please bring :

  • 4.00mm and 5.00mm Double Pointed Needles
    or long circular if you prefer magic loop
  • 100g of a heavy worsted weight yarn .. we recommend Lousia Harding Amitola Grande, Noro Kureyon, Cascade Eco Cloud, Spud & Chloe Sweater
  • stitch markers

We request class project materials be purchased at The Purple Purl.


Warm hands are easy!

Cost: $39.00

Instructor- Robbie



Better Edges - Improve your Skills

Sunday, January 15; 10:30am-12:30pm

Struggling with too-tight edges? Can't get your mittens on? Garment necklines too tight? This session will show you key techniques for ensuring stretchy edges: a variety of flexible cast ons, some very helpful bind offs, and tips for making them easier and better. (You'll never run out of tail on your long tail cast on again!)

We'll also talk about how to make the side edges of your pieces better, whether for one-piece items like scarves, or for pieces that are to be sewn up.

102 Level skills needed: You are comfortable creating the knit stitch, the purl stitch, working basic increases & decreases, and can cast on and bind off.

Cost:  $39.00
Instructor; Kate Atherley

Please bring :

  • 4.50mm needles



Brioche Knitting

Sunday, January 15; 1:30-4:30pm

Brioche knitting uses a simple and clever technique to create beautiful fabrics €“ deep ribs and fascinating colourwork. It€™s not hard to work Brioche, but the instructions can seem enormously challenging. It’s particularly effectively in two colours, and is an excellent way to tame a busy variegated yarn.

In this 3 hour class we will cover the skills for working brioche patterns, including reading the sometimes-complicated instructions, and fixing mistakes. You will leave with a one-of-a-kind shawl project well underway.

Circular knitting skills needed:  You are comfortable with 102 level skills and can successfully knit in the round with DPNs and circular needles.

Please bring:

  • 2 colours of fingering weight yarn: one varigated, one solid
  • 4.0mm 24 inch circular needle

Lemon (not-so) Difficult

Cost - $49.00***
Instructor – Kate Atherley



and we will happily reserve a copy of this book for class registrants to purchase (and get signed) the day of the class with a 10% discount.



Custom-Fit Socks

Sunday, January 22; 10:30am-12:30pm

This is a great compendium class to Kate's book
:Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet

Liberate yourself from pattern books and ensure your socks really fit properly! Learn how to create a completely custom top-down or toe-up sock pattern €“ for any yarn, and any foot.  We€™ll cover knee socks, and discuss special fit requirements like high arches, flat feet, skinny and not-so-skinny ankles. We€™ll show you how to deal with pattern stitches like lace, cables and colourwork, and how to manage differences in gauge and fabric stretch.  You€™ll leave the class with guidelines for all your sock-fitting needs.

Skills required: Some experience with sock knitting least a pair or two

Homework: please work a swatch in the round with the yarn and needles you wish to use we have your gauge information to start calculating your numbers right away!

--Please Bring or Buy: your yarn and needles as well as your swatch as per the homework instructions

Cost - $39.00***
Instructor –Kate Atherley



Campbell Glen Mitts

Sunday, January 22; 1:30-4:30pm

The Campbell Glen fingerless mitts take a very traditional pattern and make them modern and fun. An ideal first colourwork project, this class equips you with all the skills you need to make them, reading charts, working with multiple colours, keeping your tension even. 

Skills required: Must already be comfortable knitting in the round on DPNs

Cost - $80.00*** Includes yarn and pattern!
Instructor – Kate Atherley

Great 1st colourwork project

Please bring:

  • Bring 3mm and 3.25mm needles for working in the round (DPNs or long circular for magic loop)
  • Class Fee includes 2 colours of Spud & Chloe Fine ... please come 30 minutes early to wind your colour choices!



Making the Most of 

Thursday, January 26; 7:00-9:00pm

During this two hour class, you'll learn all the basics of Ravelry. We will discover stashing yarns, tracking projects, books and ideas. You'll also learn to navigate the social aspects of Ravelry, which has many features that allow you to connect with other knitters.

There will be many demonstrations of advanced search techniques along the way, to help you search smarter, find patterns more easily, and make the most of your time online!

This class will include a demonstration using a laptop. Feel free to bring your own laptop, tablet or smart phone and follow along! Please have it fully charged, as there will not be access to outlets provided during the class.

Cost - $39.00
Instructor – RobbieL




Cables Are Easy...

Wednesday, February 1; 7:00-9:00pm

Feel like cables might be a little danting? The dirty little secret behind cables are that they are pretty easy to master!

This 2 hour session will show you how to create those lovely twists and turns of knitting on great big, instant gratification size yarn... a quick project to be sure! Come in for a confidence building exploration into the wonders of cables!

102 Level skills needed: You are comfortable creating the knit stitch, the purl stitch, working basic increases & decreases, and can cast on and bind off. And you have knit on DPNs before


Chunky Style Mitts!

Cost - $65.00 *** includes a cable needle and 1 skein of Cascade Magnum!

Instructor: Robbie

Please bring or buy: 10.00mm DPNs or 32” circular



Lizard Ridge Bootcamp

Sunday, February 5; 10:30am-12:30pm

Looking for a great easy to travel with, block by block project? Enchanted by Noro? Intrigued or intimidated by the pattern for this stunningly beautiful, innovative afghan project?

Learn all the techniques you need to tackle it in one 2-hour session. Master the ever popular Lizard Ridge blanket adding a great new technique to your repertoire! This is a fun and impressive looking project for those looking to take a step up in their skills or just looking for a new pattern to play with!

Skills required: Knit & Purl, Cast On/Off

Please bring : 5mm needles and a printed copy of the pattern available on

lizard ridge

Cost: $49.00***
Class fee includes 1 ball of Noro Kureyon

Instructor: Kate Atherley




Knit Socks 101-Top Down

Sunday, February 5th; 1:30-4:30pm

If you’ve not made socks before, this is the class for you.

In this 3 hour class learn how to make top-down socks on double-pointed needles. Learn the finer points of sock anatomy by creating a mini “training sock!” We teach you everything you need to know to knit socks - from appropriate cast-ons to turning the heel to shaping the toe.

Once you’ve mastered the mini, we get you started on your first full-size sock. We share lots of tips and techniques, including easy ways to join the round €“ without twisting! -- handling the gusset pickup, and a beginner-friendly no-graft toe. Plus... We also demonstrate Magic Loop and patterns provided permit use of both DPNs and magic loop.

Circular knitting skills needed:  You have at least 102 level skills and are comfortable working with DPNs.

Materials needed for your first pair of socks:

  • Worsted weight option: 100-200g of worsted weight yarn, 4.00mm DPNs
  • Sock yarn option: (for speedy knitters) : 100g of Sock Yarn, 2.5mm DPNs.

We request class project materials be purchased at The Purple Purl.



  Cost: $60.00***
Class fee includes pattern & class materials for a pair of little training socks.

Instructor; Kate Atherley

Please bring to the First session : 4.00mm DPNs




Socks - Heels & Toes

Sunday, February 19; 10:30am-12:30pm

For experienced sock knitters, this class dives deep into different types of heel and toe constructions, with a focus on how they affect fit. We discuss some common and not-so-common methods for both top down and toe-up socks, and show you how to easily substitute into an existing pattern, or use them as the basis for your own designs.

Skills Required: Students must have knitted a few pair of socks!

Cost:  $39.00
Instructor; Kate Atherley

Please bring :

  • 4.50mm DPNs or needles for working in the round



Gloves - Conquer the tricky bits

Sunday, February 19; 1:30-4:30pm

Want to tackle glove knitting, but are intimidated? This class teaches you everything you need to know to work one of the most challenging and fun knitting projects you’ll ever tackle.

We’ll talk about ensuring a proper fit. We’ll talk about warmth and good glove fabrics. And we’ll provide easy solutions for the trouble areas: fiddle fingers and tricky thumbs, including what to do about all those holes and ends. Students will leave with a pattern and all the skills they need to make perfectly fitted €“ and perfectly executed €“ gloves.

Intermediate Skill Level €“ knitters must have made a pair of mittens or two in the round.

HOMEWORK: When registering for this class you will need to pick up or provide an address for an email to be sent with instructions for knitting the cuff and palm of the glove to be ready to tackle the fingers in class.

Required materials: 100g of Worsted weight yarn ( we recommend Sweetgeorgia Suoerwash Worsted, Cascade 220, Shelridge W4) and 3.75mm DPNs.

Cost:  $49.00

Instructor; Kate Atherley

Please bring :

  • Your completed homework and needles
  • a darning needle.








If you have a class request please continue to send us an email at with "Class Request" in the subject line and we will try to accommodate your ideas and schedules. Let us know if evenings or weekends are best for you.

Thank you so much for your interest and support! We look forward to stitching with you!


Happy Stitching!

Jennifer & Miko


*** Class fees are to be paid in full at time of registration, either in person or with a credit card over the phone. Please check your schedule carefully, classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Make-up classes are not available.
All class fees are subject to HST.

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